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75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor: Important Pioneer US Military Aviators Part Of Ewa Field

75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor:

Important Pioneer US Military Aviators 

Part Of Ewa Field History

By John Bond,  Ewa Historian
The very first Pacific CINCPAC commander, Admiral John Towers was personally involved in Ewa Mooring Mast decisions in early 1941 when the Ewa airship mooring mast (seen in photo with Navy Sec. James Forrestal and Col. Merritt, CO, Ewa Field,1941) was converted into an air traffic control tower. The Ewa Mooring Mast was originally built for the US Navy in 1925.

Left, Sec Navy Forrestal, (USS Forrestal), Col. Lewie Merritt and
Admiral John Towers, right.
Do the many Department of Defense workers at the PACOM command (US Pacific Command), know why PACOM's address (700 Elrod, Camp H.M. Smith) is on a street named Elrod Road?

Capt. Hank Elrod knew he wasn't likely going to make it out alive...
Capt. Hank Elrod, the first Pacific War Medal of Honor recipient, USMC aviator and infantry officer died in hand to hand combat on Wake island. Elrod's F4F Wildcats were delivered directly from Ewa Field to Wake Island by the USS Enterprise, (under command of Admiral Halsey) which sailed back  en route to Pearl Harbor where four Navy Enterprise SBD's were shot down by Japanese Zero's near Ewa Field on Dec. 7, 1941. Several other SBD's later made emergency landings at Ewa Field for gas and 500 pound bombs.

Admiral "Bull" Halsey meets with Col. Lewie Merritt in 1941 at Ewa Field.
Does anyone in the Navy or Marines know (or even care?) that it was Admiral Nimitz who directed Ewa Field to become a Marine Corps Air Station, rather than being absorbed into NAS Barbers Point?
This created the largest US Marine Corps aviation center and operations hub in the Pacific during WW-II. Few aviation Marines today even know or care about the history MCAS Ewa. Their minds are usually blank when the subject of MCAS Ewa comes up...Because it has been largely ERASED.

FMFPac was established by General 'Howling Mad' Smith in 1944 to assume command of USMC forces in the Pacific. Smith is seen here shaking hands with General Geiger at his FMFPac office at MCAS Ewa. Camp H.M. Smith is named for him. General Roy Geiger, a Marine aviation pioneer and only Marine to ever command a US Army, has a road in Ewa named for him.
Do the Marines at MARFORPAC, (US Marine Forces Pacific)  know that FMFPac staff was originally based at MCAS Ewa under US Marine pioneer aviator General Roy Geiger where the location of his HQ is still preserved today as part of the INTELLIGENT DESIGN of the Barbers Point Golf Course?
The layout of the Barbers Point Golf Course was designed by Lt.Cmdr. Wynn Junk, decorated Navy combat pilot, who knew exactly what he was doing when he preserved the ENTIRE 1941 Ewa Field as part of the Barbers Point Golf Course. This from a WW-II generation aviator who believed that the future US Navy and US Marines would remember this great historic site and the people associated with it.

The Barbers Point Golf Course was designed around the original 1941 Ewa Field and battlefield site using portions of the 1943-45 expansion of the base for the golf course links. Care was taken to protect key historic sites including the original MCAS Ewa officers club and FMFPac HQ of General Roy Geiger. Later Navy real estate operators ERASED all of the Ewa Field history to aid in the transfer to their Navy insider friends and created a fake memorial battlefield site.

The history of MCAS Ewa and the people associated with it was all ERASED for a real estate transaction deal arranged by Navy real estate insiders which will ultimately turn the entire base eventually over to Asian investors. Hunt Corp, the Navy insider recipient that makes $500 million in annual profits, seeks only MAXIMUM PROFIT and has already turned over part of the 1941-45 MCAS Ewa to a Korean-mainland China operation.

This is US tax-payer, American battlefield lands where Hunt Corp makes a massive corporate profit. Certain Hawaii politicians have benefitted greatly being the arrangers of this insider deal...

Also named by Lt.Cmdr. Wynn Junk (buried at Punchbowl National Cemetery) is the MCAS Ewa baseball field (Pride Field) in honor of Admiral Alfred Pride, US Navy pioneer of aircraft carrier operations and first WW-II commander of the Belleau Wood.
There is a reason for historic preservation and why American history belongs to the American people and public lands should not be just handed over to greedy corporate land developers who will ultimately sell their US Tax-Payer owned land to the highest bidder, most likely in today's market the mainland Chinese.

This means mainland china and communist military buyers will own an American battlefield next to historic Pearl Harbor naval base. This is the ultimate greedy sell-out of the United States and the cultural history that belongs to the American people- who get NOTHING in return for this sell-out! 
This in itself is one of the greatest scams ever perpetrated against the American people- that past important cultural history is being trashed by careless US Navy and US Marines approving the land sales to their future enemy. Corporate profiteers only care about money in their pockets, and this has been repeated many times in Hawaii- now with vast lands handed over to a single Texas corporation.
John Bond
Ewa Historian

Highways planned through the middle of the 1941 Ewa Battlefield, originally intended to be preserved by the navy designers decades ago. But today its part of a big land sell-out to benefit only a very small insider group of US tax-payer own public land profiteers!


"We were surprised when we heard about this because the Marines, we're deep, deep in the history of our Corps, and we'd never heard of this air station," said Richard Pittman, 67, visitor to Ewa Field and US Marine Medal of Honor recipient.

"This is history, and you are not going to find a site like this that is isolated like this," "I'm standing on history right now." - Jay Vargas, another Medal of Honor recipient.

According to Ewa Field historical research, at least 11 Medals of Honor were awarded to Marine pilots who trained at the combat airfield, home to many famous squadrons.

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